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We need sales channels in your country and we can get you test kits at cost !

Cheapest Prices because we have a benefactor

and we both want to help the world!


We are looking for reputable COMPANIES around the GLOBE, in any country.

Wuhan Warriors Global Network has found a supplier that will give us the lowest costs on rapid testing.

However, we need a reputable company in other countries to sign a contract with the company in CHINA.

The Owners are doing this to HELP the WORLD and show the support to not countries but PEOPLE around the world. To show China's Heart & Care.  They offered us assistance.  So we can get millions of tests out there are minimal costs.  

Any company that is willing to help we will support you!

You can buy the tests in small orders as you get them or larger orders.  Always the same lowest price. BUT you must not retail over our agreed retail pricing.  You must abide by this.  As we know everyone needs to make a living but what is happening with companies and mainly kids, tradespeople and others raising the prices to outrageous amounts is criminal.  So we plan to stop that!






This is the Rapid SARS-CoV-2 test kit.


(Partners in China that are Helping the WORLD to get CoVID19 TESTING CHEAP and to YOU !)

"I suggest you find someone you can trust in the United States or other countries and ask them to sign the contract with the company and go through the customs clearance procedures. We can legally send it to any country in the world."




We will contact you and give you details and more


IMPORTANT READ before you contact us:

  • One big example the Test kits would retail $10+/-

  • Limit at one time is 20 kits per family.

  • you can order more but each family is limited to 20 at a time

  • This must be fair to everyone, so they can get their tests too

  • Must abide by the retail prices we set for you.

  • Countries with low-income levels and more we will help you!


NOTE: IF you don't abide by the agreements and pricing etc,

we will stop working with you immediately !

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