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50 Things To Do During Home Quarantine

  1. Set up your isolation or sick room

  2. Organize your preparedness supplies

  3. Start a hobby (learn to knit, make survival bracelets, draw, paint, etc.)

  4. Take a few online courses or get an online certification. Some are even free!

  5. Read The Prepper’s Blueprint or the other books you haven’t had a chance to read

  6. Make some natural household cleaners

  7. Organize the house

  8. Finally, get around to the honey-do list and fix things around the house

  9. Make some freezer meals

  10. Write a book

  11. Watch documentaries or movies

  12. Start a daily journal

  13. Document your struggle against boredom and take a picture every hour

  14. Rearrange your house

  15. Practice yoga

  16. Exercise

  17. Meditate or pray

  18. Talk to friends and family

  19. Learn how to play an instrument

  20. Play a joke on other family members and swap their closet contents with yours

  21. Make homemade yogurt

  22. Cut your hair

  23. Make a trash can a basketball hoop and throw crumpled up paper for baskets

  24. Make a bucket list

  25. Plan your next season garden

  26. Create your own language and then write a dictionary

  27. Play board games, legos or cards

  28. Make crafts out of wine corks

  29. Film yourself cooking and talk like Julia Child

  30. Relearn the art of the handstand

  31. Make homemade cards and write a note to family member and friends

  32. Organize old pictures or make a scrapbook

  33. Have spa day

  34. Make a battery out of pennies

  35. Practice martial arts

  36. Play hide and seek

  37. Master dance moves

  38. Upcycle mason jars into home decor

  39. Memorize your favorite quote or poem

  40. Plan your next trip or vacation

  41. Start a Pinterest account

  42. Learn about photography and take photos

  43. Start a blog

  44. Make survival preps out of unused household items

  45. Learn the Cups song from Pitch Perfect

  46. Learn how to play chess

  47. Karaoke like a rock star

  48. Have a Nerf gun battle

  49. Take a nap

  50. Make a list of things to do after your are not quarantined

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