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CHINA UPDATES - Assorted March News in China - GOOD NEWS Tuesday, March 10, 2020

CHINA UPDATES - Assorted March News in China - GOOD NEWS Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Open Blog ABOVE >>>>  Click Title ABOVE >>>>>CHINA UPDATES - Assorted March News in China - GOOD NEWS8:08 am Mar 10Hubei Province reported 17 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 9, with 17 new deaths and 1,152 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,760 with 47,585 recovered and 3,024 dead.19 new coronavirus infections, 17 new deaths were reported on Mar 9 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,754 with 3,136 deaths.12:27 am Mar 10WHO declares COVID-19 pandemic as virus continues to spread worldwide7:39 pm Mar 9China plans to export face masks to South Korea with the first batch of 5 million units, including surgical masks and N95 masks: official7:08 pm Mar 9Chinese FM set up an emergency center to guard against the risk of imported COVID-19 cases, which will coordinate quarantine for visitors arriving in China and promote establishment of a multilateral mechanism to jointly prevent cross-border spread of the virus.4:47 pm Mar 9The Shanghai Film Group announced Monday the launch of China's first "cinema anti-epidemic relief fund" with a total amount of 1 billion yuan ($143 million) to stimulate the recovery of the cinemaindustry paralyzed by COVID-194:38 pm Mar 9Over 25,100 people have been infected, and 506 have died from coronavirus outside China's mainland by Monday. China's leading scientist on infectious disease predicts the virus will continue its relentless global onslaught till June.4:19 pm Mar 9China will offer Pakistan 50,000 liters of pesticide, and 15 sprayers to help fight against the locust attack. The first shipment was dispatched Mon morning, along with a new consignment of COVID-19 test kits: Chinese FM

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