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Educator,In this strange new world, we know there's a lot on your minds as an educator – like how to talk to your students about the Coronavirus, and how they'll continue the learning momentum they’d built in your classroom even while they’re at home.As a parent myself, I’m experiencing firsthand the pressures of supporting my family academically through a public health crisis, and I see how deeply the teachers at my kiddos’ school care about their students’ well-being. We're all trying to stay healthy and calm, and figure out how to have meaningful learning experiences in the midst of an unprecedented social upheaval.

At Kid Spark, we're committed to building STEM confidence and skills in your students, and we know that regular exposure to science, technology, engineering and math makes all the difference. Your students may not have access to Kid Spark materials while they’re at home right now, but there are plenty of ways to continue building their STEM identity.Here are some helpful (and free) STEM education resources to consider during COVID-19 school closures:

STEM Activities for Children: Tips and Tricks for Adult Mentors (this one's particularly great for parents who are new to teaching)

You can use these resources to teach virtually or forward this email to parents/guardians to try out at home. Together, we can keep STEM learning going.Stay well, Educator – your students need you.

Jena Olson, CEO

Kid Spark Education, 233 A Street, Suite 800, San Diego, California 92101, United States, 858.259.4433

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