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Recognize an Infection Preventionist

Recognize an Infection Preventionist

Infection preventionists use their detective skills to find the bad germs and make sure everyone is going the right things to keep you safe. They strive to keep you, visitors, volunteers, employees, and healthcare providers safe from infection.

Your safety is their #1 priority.

Infection preventionists partner with your healthcare team to make sure everyone is doing the right things to keep you safe from

healthcare-associated infections.Healthcare workers will clean their hands before and after they care for you.

Any catheters or indwelling devices will be placed in your body after your skin receives proper cleaning. These devices will be kept clean and will be removed as soon as possible.

Your healthcare workers will wear gloves, gowns, and masks at the right times. If you are in “isolation,” you and your visitors will need to do this too.

Your room and any equipment that is used on you will be clean.

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