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The latest `` Clinical treatment plan for convalescent patients with new coronary pneumonia recovery

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

The latest `` Clinical treatment plan for convalescent patients with new coronary pneumonia recovery (trial version 2)

National Health Commission SIFIC infection evidence-based information 3/5

Clinical analysis of convalescent plasma in recovering patients with new coronary pneumonia Treatment plan (trial version 2)

In order to further strengthen the medical treatment of patients with new coronary pneumonia, to promote the rehabilitation of Xinzhuang inflammation patients in the rehabilitation period, according to the relevant laws and regulations of the National Blood Donation Act, according to the latest version of the new coronary pneumonia treatment plan and related technical operating procedures and quality management requirements, develop This program.

Organization implementation

It is led by the provincial health administrative department and the army's relevant large unit health department. In principle, the fixed-point physician will organize the topic of rehabilitation and write it free of charge. It is more straightforward. It will be the blood LCD emperor's order issued by the new posture standing department.

Provide equipment and technical support, work with the provincial health and health department or the door, the military designated Dong Niang blood or Shen to focus on the development of the vegetarian industry, work in Taiwan, set up multiple investigations, the military designated patients with heavy horror centralized treatment hospital use. Recruitment and industry recruitment

(1) Capture of blood donors and base

1. Donate blood to Mongolia and repeat the three evils. "To the following Qin belt. It is more important to smell no less than March; it meets the inter-jurisdictional Mashu and discharge standards in the latest version of the new pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan; Li Jing should be 18 years old, in principle, not more than 55 years old, and the weight of men must not be less than 50 kg. Female no less than 45 kg; no menstruation is to pass on the history of the good family;

最新 」 新冠肺炎康复者恢复期血浆 临床治疗方案 ( 试行第二版 )

国家卫健委 SIFIC感染循证资讯 3 / 5

新冠肺炎康复者恢复期血浆临床 治疗方案 ( 试行第二版 )

为进一步加强新冠肺炎患者医疗救治 , 推动新莊炎康复者 传复期生素治疗工作 , 按国献血法 》 等有关法律法规 , 根据最新版 新冠肺炎治疗方案及有关技术操作规程和质量管理要求 , 制定本 方案 。


由省级卫生健康行政部门 , 军队有关大单位卫生等门牵头组 织 。 原則上由定点救治医生组织話題着合臺件的康复着自其无偿 較直蒙 由承担此次新姿站姿科訴任务的血液晶皇产单

位提供设备和技术支持 , 会同省级卫生健康行或者门 、 军队指定的 董娘血液中或申重點开展量素素業 , 對臺工作 , 集多查 , 军 指定的重霍患者集中收治医院集中使用 。 二捕載而業者招募

( 一 ) 捕献血袭者和基

1 . 捐獻血蒙的重复着三害 」 對著以下秦帶 。 更主要至就 闻不少于3月 ; 符合最新版新症肺炎诊疗方案中轄際馬書和出院 标准 ; 李警应当满18岁 , 原则上不超过55岁 , 男性体重不低于50 公斤 , 女性不低于45 公斤 ; 无经是传善族史 ; 整曲康医等掌合电 = 10: 38


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